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Important notice: Amazon Gift Card, Vanilla VISA Gift Card are accepted USA only

Our company also accept gift cards for USA resident, it was highly recommended as an alternative to Western Union payment.

 How it works with gift cards:
1. we only accept physical gift cards bought by cash at stores,no credit card and debit card.
2. Receipt and gift card number display must match if not we refuse to trade
3. picture : Must be clearly visible ,Must be complete
4. we accept this method only for USA resident.

Procedure on using this payment method, you can either grab your gift card before of after initially making an order on our store and use the normal ordering procedure (select products, add to cart, checkout with gift card as payment method selected).

You can find it in basic format bellow:

1. select products, add to cart, checkout and submit the order
2. go to retail store or shop and buy gift card according to your order amount (if total price of gift card is not equivalent to the order amount, we will either reduce the order or increase it to  march up with the gift card amount, if difference is not much, we give it as bonus.l).
3. send your gift card codes text , pictures of gift cards and cash receipts to the email address that will be given to you after checkout.
4. After we receive your mail with card details, we will process your order, ship and notify you through our website for the current status.

NOTE: No photo or Picture is not clear = No order processing till we receive a clear picture.