Importance of Using Fryer Oil Filter Machines

Frying oil filter machines are important equipment required for the smooth operation of restaurants, fast food chains, cafeterias, and diners. They help remove sediment and extend the life of the frying oil. The result is more delicious food and savings in terms of cost and time. Why are these machines so important and what are the different types of systems? Find out the answers in the following guide.

Importance of Fryer Oil Filter Machine

Quality and cost are the two most important factors for using a fryer oil filter machine in your establishment. It is much more meaningful to filter the fryer oil instead of replacing it. This is important in the food industry because cooking oil makes up a major cost factor.

The right fryer oil filter machines can extend the lifespan of your cooking oil with ease. Over the long term, they contribute to the prevention of breakdowns caused by additives and exposure to heat.

The following points further emphasize the importance of using fryer oil filters in your establishment:

  • Unfiltered oil will have a negative impact on the food flavor
  • Oil fryer filters remove not just sediment, but also carbon deposits and fatty acids.
  • Fryer oil filters also remove odor-causing sediments.
  • The filters help keep the oil healthy.
  • You are able to ensure consistency in food quality.
  • There is reduced oil uptake and the oil lasts much longer.

Without the fryer oil filter machine, you will have to change the oil regularly, which can be a time-consuming and messy job. The machine reduces the frequency and saves valuable time. Besides, it helps enhance safety in and around your kitchen. Your kitchen will also stay cleaner, as the eliminates the need for conventional cone filtering techniques.

Types of Fryer Oil Filter Machines

Oil fryer filter machines are available in two different options in terms of their functioning. The two options are as follows:

Passive Oil Filtration Machines

Passive oil filtration involves cleaning the cooking oil through the method of sieving out the debris. The machine will use a frying oil filter bag for the purpose. The bag can catch micron-sized particles of not just food, but also seasoning.

These systems can also use paper filters, but reusable filter bags are more recommended, as they make a more cost-effective alternative. When used with fryer oil storage container pots, the system further simplifies the process of emptying out the fryers and storing the spent oil.

Active Oil Filtration Machines

Active oil filtration systems are more sophisticated. They involve the use of:

  • Oil treatments
  • Testing strips
  • Powders

Chemical processes are involved in removing broken-down food particles, salt, and oxidants. The use of fryer oil antioxidants can contribute to healthier foods, as they remove harmful trans fats and replace them with healthy antioxidants.

There are also hybrid oil fryer filter machines that use a combination of both passive and active filtration mechanisms. They help improve food quality and save time. Such systems provide the most effective oil filtering while ensuring delicious meals, and cost and time savings.



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